VPFA Home Page

The Victorian Popular Fiction Association, founded in 2009, is committed to the revival of interest in understudied popular writers, literary genres and other cultural forms. The VPFA was founded by Greta Depledge and Jane Jordan.

The VPFA holds an annual conference which is recognised as an important event on the annual conference circuit. It offers a friendly and invigorating opportunity for established academics and postgraduate students to share their current research. Information about the 16th annual conference, due to take place in Canterbury in July 2024, can be found on our annual conference page

In addition to the annual conference, we run regular Study Days that are dedicated to particular topics, allowing in-depth discussions on specific popular fiction authors, genres and cultural forms. Keen to ensure space is kept in the future for our discipline, we also run professionalisation training sessions.

The VPFA now runs three publishing ventures:

  1. Key Popular Women Writers and
  2. New Paths in Victorian Fiction and Culture, both for Edward Everett Root Publishers
  3. our own digital, open-access, double blind peer-reviewed, SCOPUS-indexed journal: Victorian Popular Fictions.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Association, please take a look at our membership page. The annual subscription for members is £25 and just £10 for students.

The VPFA is a “List 3” approved Learned Society, which means that it is formally recognised by the UK Government. It has financial implications for the Associations, and, for members, it has the additional benefit that they can put their membership fee against their UK tax.