Victorian Popular Fictions 1: 2 (Autumn 2019)

Victorian Popular Fictions – Volume 1: Issue 2
Autumn 2019

Table of Contents


Andrew King:  Victorian Popular Fictions Journal – Welcome to issue 2  (Autumn 2019)


Minna Vuohelainen: “A strange enough region wherein to wander and muse”: Mapping Clerkenwell in Victorian Popular Fictions

Tabitha Sparks: Neither Surface nor Distant: Feminine Sociality in Helen C. Black’s Notable Women Authors of the Day

Tamara S. Wagner: The Antipodes of Victorian Fiction: Mapping “Down Under”

Luisa Villa: With Gordon, Kitchener and Others in the Sudan: Mapping Fictional Engagement with the Imperial Frontier

Rebecca Nesvet: Sweeney Todd’s Indian Empire: Mapping the East India Company in The String of Pearls

Sophie Raine: Mapping the Metropolis through Streetwalking in Parker’s The Young Ladies of London

Samuel Saunders: “I was again passing along Leicester Square … with all my eyes about me”: Mapping Popular “Police Memoir” Detective Fiction

Claire Whitehead: Spaces of Mystery, Knowledge and Truth in Early Russian Crime Fiction: Semyon Panov’s Three Courts, or Murder during the Ball (1876)

Andrew Hewitt: Maps, Power, and Affect in Richard Jefferies and Anthony Trollope

Michael Horton: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Print Them: Mapping Monsters in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers

Shuhita Bhattacharjee: Of Mahatmas and Chelas: Theosophy and the “Cartography of the Supernatural” in Richard Marsh and F. Anstey

Book Reviews

James Hamby reviews Richard Jefferies,  After London; Or Wild England, edited by Mark Frost

Anna Brecke reviews Victorian Skin: Surface, Self, History by Pamela Gilbert

Mara Mattoscio reviews Frances Elliot and Italy. Writing Travel, Writing the Self by Silvia Antosa

Elizabeth R.M. Sheckler reviews The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic – and How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World by Steven Johnson


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