VPFA Reading Group

The  ‘ Third Sex ‘ Reading  Group

Led by:  Mollie Clarke , Dr. Claire O’Callaghan , Dr. Matt Crofts , and  Dr.  Helena Esser

Following on from the successful ‘Third Sex’ reading group at the VPFA’s 2020 conference, a more permanent reading group is now established!

Meeting once a month, we will continue to focus on texts that examine ‘the third sex’ – that is; Victorian and neo-Victorian works that explore sex and gender, queerness, and LGBTQA+ identities. Meetings will take place via MS Teams, last for approximately 90 minutes, and will be supplemented by an exciting and supportive reading pack, comprising questions and textual prompts for members. 

We’re back! 

Spring /Summer 2021 Schedule:

31st March: Gentleman Jack Pt. 1 – Intro to Victorian LGBTQ+ Lives

Join us for our first session of the year on at 5:30pm UK time via Zoom for a 90-minute discussion! For the first session of the 2021 schedule, we are focusing on one of the most requested texts from last year: the BBC and HBO co-production Gentleman Jack. This is a broad session, intending as a good ‘jumping on’ point for new attendees, discussing how understanding of LGBTQ+ Victorian lives is reflected throughout different media, texts and history.

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Save these dates:

  • 28th April: Gentleman Jack Pt. 2
  • May 26th: Salome, Wilde and Beardsley
  • June 30th: Radclyffe Hall and The Well of Loneliness

How to join:

The Reading Group is open to members of the VPFA. If you are not yet a member, you can join the VPFA here.

If you are a member email  vpfareadinggroup@gmail.com, we will send out the reading pack a week in advance of the group meeting, and a link to join us online the day before it is scheduled. You will also be provided with a password to access the reading pack above. The pack and password will change with each session – please do not share this information with others. We ask that all attendees contact us individually so we can monitor numbers.

We’ve tried to balance inclusivity and safety for the Third Sex Reading Group – that’s why VPFA members can invite guests! If you have students/colleagues/friends who want to take part, you can email us with their name and email address to register their attendance. If they wish to attend more sessions, they will need to return as a VPFA member.

Bring your tea, coffee, other, and come join us! We look forward to seeing you there.

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