Victorian Popular Fictions Journal

The Journal of the Victorian Popular Fiction Association

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Editors: Prof. Mariaconcetta Costantini and Prof. Andrew King

Book Reviews Editor: Dr Anna Brecke

Victorian Popular Fictions is the journal of the Victorian Popular Fiction Association which was established in 2009 in order to offer a regular forum for the dissemination of new research into nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century popular narrative.

Focussing on popular narrative in all its forms, VPFJ solicits articles which help us re-evaluate our view of Victorian culture as a whole and how that might be considered, including debates about canonicity and hybridity, digitisation, and the identification of pedagogical issues in the teaching of Victorian popular fictions.

VPFJ takes it for granted that “Victorian” means the long nineteenth century and that “popular” means widely disseminated, but at the same time it welcomes challenges to those definitions. It invites the identification and analysis of tropes that coalesced into tales for a few years and subsequently dissolved to make new solutions. It also welcomes discussions of Neo-Victorian re-imaginings of nineteenth-century popular fiction.

VPFJ encourages the critical examination of now neglected fiction, forgotten creators, disseminators and interpreters of stories ‑ poets, dramatists, novelists, journalists, journals, publishers, artists, critics and readers.

Remembering that the American Harriet Beecher Stowe and the French Dumas were amongst the most widely read and adapted “Victorian” writers, VPFJ urges submissions on the trans-Atlantic and transnational circulation and translation of narrative.

Victorian Popular Fictions seeks to challenge perceptions of the long nineteenth-century by rigorous peer-review, scrupulous editing and civil communication. Don’t think of the squabbles in the Athenaeum Club or the oracular pronouncements of the Higher Journalism, but the energy, ambition, range and conversation of the Beetons, Braddon and Eliza Cook.

Articles of 7-8,000 words can be submitted to Mariaconcetta Costantini and Andrew King at

Book review requests of 1,000 words can be submitted to Anna Brecke at

Please follow the VPFJ Style Guide  for all submissions.

VPFJ comes out twice a year, in June and November.

For the second general issue, full articles must be submitted by 1st September, 2019. 

The headpiece of the VPFJ was kindly created by Ann M. Hale, based on a section heading in the Stationary Trade Review for 1887 (see