Victorian Popular Fictions volume 3 issue 2 (Autumn 2021)

Table of Contents

 Unintended Authors: Piracy, Plagiarism and Property in Victorian Popular Culture

Special issue edited by Monica Cohen



Monica Cohen: Unintended Authors: Piracy, Plagiarism and Property in Victorian Popular Culture

Brian Maidment: “Thief in the Name of Kidd”: Unscrupulous Opportunism and Cheap Print in Late Regency London

Alexis Easley: Frederick Douglass, Copyright, and the British Press, 1845-47

Rob Breton: Women and Children First: Appropriated Fiction in the Ten Hours’ Advocate

Erica Haugtvedt: Class and Complex Transmedia Character in the Early Victorian Period: Jack Sheppard (1839-40)

Julianne Smith: Stage Piracy in Victorian Britain: Bleak House Adaptations

Taryn Hakala: Melodramatic Mayhew: J.B. Johnstone’s How We Live in the World of London

Robert Laurella: Knighthoods and Empty Benches: Wilkie Collins’s Armadale and the Late Victorian Culture Industry

Katherine Bowers: Ghost Writers: Radcliffiana and the Russian Gothic Wave

Mashael I. Alhammad:  “A Nondescript Monster”: Fanny Fern in Transatlantic Print Culture

Katerina García-Walsh: Oscar Wilde’s Misattributions: A Legacy of Gross Indecency

Book Reviews

Helena Ifill reviews Gender, the New Woman, and the Monster by Elizabeth D. Macaluso

Asma Char reviews Women’s Authorship and the Early Gothic, edited by Kathleen Hudson

Maria Juko reviews New Media and the Rise of the Popular Woman Writer, 1832-1860 by Alexis Easley

Kathleen Beal reviews Dickens After Dickens, edited by Emily Bell