Victorian Popular Fictions volume 5 issue 1 (Spring 2023)

Table of Contents

Mariaconcetta Costantini and Helena Ifill. Welcome


Tabitha Sparks. Reading the Women’s Sentimental Novel: A Romance

Joanna Turner. “The most accomplished liar in literature”? Uncovering Marie Corelli’s Hidden Early Life

Ailise Bulfin. “Fast lapsing back into barbarism”: Social Evolution, the Myth of Progress and the Gothic Past in Late-Victorian Invasion and Catastrophe Fiction

Elizabeth Steere. “The mystery of the Myrtle Room”: Reading Wilkie Collins’ The Dead Secret as an Early Female Detective Novel

Kevin Hart. Criminal Bodies in Popular Victorian and Modernist Detective Fiction

Camilla Del Grazia. Interpreting Issues of Heredity and Inheritance in Holmesian Children through Criminal Anthropology and Degeneration Theory

Emma Butler-Way. Threads of Identity: Fashion, Finery, and Performance in Ellen Wood’s East Lynne and Wilkie Collins’s No Name

Sebastian Kukavica. The Splendour of Decadence: The Moral Geography of the European South in Victorian Travelogues

Katie Brandt Sartain. “To whom shall the outcast prostitute tell her tale!”: Endo/Exo-Writer Perspectives of Nineteenth-Century Sex Workers in Madeleine, An Autobiography and Mary Barton

Thomas G. Cole II. Degenerative Doctoring: Coercion, Experimentation and Ethics in Arthur Machen’s Gothic Horror


Grant Allen, edited and introduced by Scott C. Thompson. Philistia: Final Chapter (1884)

Book Reviews

Paolo Miccoli review essay. Rediscovering Ellen Wood: New Italian Translations

Flore Janssen reviews Victorian Women Writers and the Other Germany: Cross-Cultural Freedoms and Female Opportunity by Linda K. Hughes

Kathryn Nogue reviews The Commodification of Identity in Victorian Narrative: Autobiography, Sensation, and the Literary Marketplace by Sean Grass