Victorian Popular Fictions 6.1 1 Wisnicki

The Meaning of Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom

Adrian S. Wisnicki

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This article traces the origins and development of the collaborative digital humanities project Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom (UVC). The author, one of the project’s founding developers, begins by considering how his prior research and digital projects, including Livingstone Online and One More Voice, have laid the groundwork for UVC by pushing him to decenter British perspectives in his scholarship, engage with non-European contexts, and develop a multifaceted ethos of collaboration. The opening discussion then sets the stage for a detailed review of the history of UVC. The first phase of the project (2020-21) centered on creating an open-access website that championed anti-racist pedagogy and challenged traditional hierarchies in the field of Victorian Studies by amplifying the voices of underserved scholars. The project’s website began by featuring innovative publications like Zoomcasts and peer-reviewed syllabi and lesson plans. In its second phase (2021-23), UVC expanded its team, broadened its geographical scope, and deepened its commitment to community-building as a form of activist praxis. The author concludes by emphasizing that UVC reimagines Victorian Studies through a pedagogy of radical care, one that creates a supportive space for collaboration among scholars at all stages in their careers and of all backgrounds. The project takes up this work while concurrently seeking to build a field that is more inclusive and equitable.


digital humanities; Victorian Studies; collaboration; pedagogy; anti-racism; decolonization; community-building; equity; inclusion; structural intervention; Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom

Date of Acceptance: 23 June 2024 Date of Publication: 28 June 2024 Double Blind Peer Reviewed Recommended Citation:  Wisnicki, Adrian S. 2024. “The Meaning of Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom.” Victorian Popular Fictions, 6.1: 1-17. ISSN: 2632-4253 (online) DOI:

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