Victorian Fiction Research Guides

The Victorian Fiction Research Guides comprise bibliographical finding tools both for lesser-known writers active from the mid-nineteenth century to about 1910 and for work published in periodicals during the same period. Besides bibliography, the Guides usually contain informative introductory essays by recognised academic scholars.

Some of the digitised guides are in PDF format. Some of the guides have been scanned and digitised from hard copies, so errors may be present. If you spot any typographical problems, please email

Andrew King would be interested to hear from anyone working on relevant author-bibliographies or on indexes of journals of the period. Any information about the location of manuscripts, rare or unrecorded editions, and other material would be most welcome. Information about gaps or errors in the bibliographies and indexes would also be appreciated. Please contact him at

Series 9
36 Charlotte M. Brame, by Graham Law, with Gregory Drozdz and Debby McNally (2011)
35 Richard Marsh, by Minna Vuohelainen (2009)
34 The London Journal 1845–83, by Andrew King (2008)
33 Margaret Oliphant, a Bibliography of Secondary Sources 1848–2005, by John Stock Clarke (2006, updated 2023)
Series 8 32 The Windsor Magazine, by Catherine Vaughan-Pow
31 Grant Allen, by Peter Morton [temporarily unavailable
30 Victoria Cross, by Charlotte Mitchell
29 Indexes to Fiction in The Illustrated London News (1842–1901) and The Graphic (1869–1901), by Graham Law
Series 7 28 Caroline Clive, by Charlotte Mitchell
27 Mary Fortune, by Lucy Sussex and Elizabeth Gibson
26 Margaret Oliphant, Non-Fictional Writings, by John Stock Clarke (hosted on
25 Bram Stoker, by William Hughes
Series 6 24 Francis Adams, by Meg Tasker
23 Indexes to Fiction in The Idler (1892–1911), by William B. Thesing and Becky Lewis
22 Elizabeth Robins, by Sue Thomas
21 Edmund Yates Papers in The University of Queensland Library, by Peter Edwards and Andrew Dowling
Series 5 19/20 Letters of G. A. Sala to Edmund Yates (double volume), ed. by Judy McKenzie
18 Philip Meadows Taylor, by David Finkelstein
17 Indexes to Fiction in Chambers’s Journal (1854–1920), by Sue Thomas
Series 4 16 Rosa Nouchette Carey, by Jane Crisp
15 Rosa Praed, by Chris Tiffin
14 Indexes to Fiction in Belgravia, by P.D. Edwards, I. G. Sibley and Margaret Versteeg
13 Mrs Humphry Ward, by William B. Thesing and Stephen Pulsford
Series 3 12 Indexes to Fiction in Cassell’s Family Magazine, later Cassell’s Magazine (1874–1910), by Sue Thomas
11 Margaret Oliphant, by John Stock Clarke (hosted on For more information on Oliphant, there is an excellent website at
10 Indexes to Fiction in The Harmsworth Magazine, later The London Magazine (1898–1915), by Sue Thomas
9 Indexes to Fiction in Pall Mall Magazine (1893–1914), by Sue Thomas
Series 2 8 Frances Cashel Hoey, by P. D. Edwards
7 Indexes to Fiction in Tinsley’s Magazine, later The Novel Review (1867–92), by Sue Thomas
6 Mary Cholmondeley, by Jane Crisp
5 Indexes to Fiction in The Lady’s Realm (1896–1914), by Margaret Versteeg, Sue Thomas, Joan Huddleston
Series 1 4 Indexes to Fiction in Time (1879–91), Murray’s Magazine (1887–91), and The Quarto (1896–98), by Sue Thomas
3 Edmund Yates, by P. D. Edwards
2 Jessie Fothergill, by Jane Crisp
1 Sarah Grand, by Joan Huddleston