#VPFAReligion Twitter Taster 2020

An archive of Twitter threads from this year’s #VPFAReligion Twitter Taster

Anne-Marie Beller (@amb1860) and Kerry Featherstone (@KerryOrange): “No greater spiritual beauty than fanaticism”: Women Travellers’ Encounters with Islam in the Nineteenth Century

Helena Goodwyn (@HelenaGoodwyn):’Sex Religion Sells! The Preacher, the Journalist and the Novel’

Mary Going (@MazGoing): “Tarry thou, till I come”: Salathiel, Supersessionism, and George Croly’s Wandering Jew

John Morton (@Drjmorton): Encountering Catholicism and Catholic Europe in Popular Fiction and Periodicals of 1850

Flore Janssen (@FemLitCake): ‘Life’s a Misery, and I’m Such a Big Sinner!’: Reforming People and Society through the Salvation Army Press


Jen Baker (@Jendeavour): Revisiting limbus infantium and inflicting Purgatorial Punishments: Navigating the Sacro-Secular Afterlife of the Victorian Child

Betty Hagglund (@BettyHagglund): Innocent children as instruments of religious conversion in Silas Hocking’s waif novels

Monika Mazurek (@MonikaMaz1): Roman Catholicism in the Tractarian and Anti-Tractarian Victorian Popular Novel

Cath H. Kennedy (@carefulkaty): Where are the Bible Heroines?: Women and Narrative in an example of the Child Temperance Press

Jessica Albrecht (@flumminism): Eugenics and esotericism in Victorian feminist writing (Florence Farr and Frances Swiney)

Naomi Hetherington (@DrNHetherington): Biblical interpretation and the popular women’s movement: the Bible Readings column of the Women’s Penny Paper

Clare Stainthorp (@ClareGS87): Chatterton’s Commune; the Atheistic Communistic Scorcher and the expression of radical freethought

Scott Thompson (@scottcthompson_): Braddon’s critique of religion, psychology, and determinism and freewill in Joshua Haggard’s Daughter

Matthew Crofts (@MattRCrofts): ‘God will aid us up to the end’: Religious Protection in Victorian Vampire Fiction

Alicia Barnes (@aliciarbarnes): God of Steam: The Railway as a Religious Icon

Aren Roukema (@aren_b_r): Early Science Fiction and the Occult Future

If you’d like to explore the discussions that ensued from these wonderful tasters, you can do so at this Twitter archive.