Penryn Campus, Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK, April 18th 2015

Registration 8.30 – 9am (Exchange Seminar Room Green)

9 – 10.30am

Generic Strategies (Exchange Seminar Room Yellow) – Chair Meredith Miller

Catherine Delafield (Independent Scholar) ‘ “Woman in White” to Brothers in Blue – Sensational Men in the Mid-Victorian Magazine’

Carolyn Lambert (University of Brighton) ‘Expect the Unexpected: Masculinity in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Shorter Fiction’

Kym Martindale (Falmouth University) ‘Forms of Fear and Dread and Doom: “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” – Sensations of Crime and Rhyme’

Melodrama (Exchange Seminar Room Red) – Chair Rebecca Lloyd

HollyGale Millette (University of Southampton) ‘ “Tis’ Himself”: A Sensation Melodrama Featuring Dion Boucicault’

Jeremy Newton (Independent Scholar) ‘Fallen  Men in the Plays of Henry Arthur Jones’

Kate Newey (University of Exeter) ‘Melodramatic Masculinity’

Geographies (Exchange Seminar Room Blue) – Chair Ben Carver

Matthew Ingleby (Queen Mary, University of London) ‘Sensational Bloomsbury: Fiction, Bachelordom and the Production of Metropolitan Locality’

Federico Boni (Università degli Studi di Milano) ‘The Monstrous Flâneur: Sensational Male Psychogeographies in Alan Moore’s From Hell

Chiaki Ohashi (University of Warwick) ‘ “Sensational Alliance”: The Risorgimento, Feudalism, and the Aristocratic Identity of Count Fosco in The Woman in White

10.30-11.30am Coffee and Keynote 1 – (Exchange Lecture Theatre)

Andrew Smith, University of Sheffield, ‘Minds, Bodies, and Crowds: Dickens and the Death Penalty’

11.30am – 1pm

Queer(ing) Masculinity (Exchange Seminar Room Red) – Chair Shamira Meghani

Tracy Hayes (The Open University) ‘ “The Obtrusive Memento of a Shadowy Period”: How Androgyny Subverts Patriarchy in Thomas Hardy’s A Laodicean

Charlotte Charteris (Churchill College, University of Cambridge) ‘ “Fit for Purpose”: Sherlock Holmes, Bachelorhood and the Rise of the Queer Hero’

Helen Thomas (Falmouth University) ‘Nineteenth Century Medics: Disease and “Passing”’

Performances (Exchange Seminar Room Yellow) – Chair Anne-Marie Beller

Matthew Crofts (University of Hull) ‘ “A King is but a Man”: Masculinity and French Revolution Melodramas’

Nigel Kingcome (Falmouth University) ‘Eugen Sandow – The Perfect Man’

Rebecca Lloyd (Falmouth University) ‘A Man of Black and White: George H. Chirgwin’

Disordered Consciousness (Exchange Seminar Room Blue) – Chair Kym Martindale

Erin Johnson (Mansfield College) University of Oxford, ‘ “Dead and Buried”: Beauty, Madness, and the Disabled Male Body in Wilkie Collins’s The Law and the Lady and The Guilty River

Marlena Maciniak (Opole University, Poland) ‘Hybrid Masculinity: Between Gentlemanliness and Psychopathy in Caroline Clive’s Sensation Novel Paul Ferroll

Joanne Ella Parsons (Bath Spa University) ‘Brain Fevers and Picnics: Anxious and Ignorant Appetites in Wilkie Collins’ Armadale

1 – 2pm Lunch (Provided. Exchange Seminar Room Green)

2 – 3.30pm

Unstable Ideals (Exchange Seminar Room Yellow) – Chair Nigel Kingcome

Janine Hatter (University of Hull) ‘Unheroic Heroes: Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Sensational Men of the 1860s’

Barbara Vrachnas (University of Edinburgh) ‘Gambling, Cards and Shooting: Masculine “Games” in Ouida’s Sensational Novels’

Graziella Stringos (University of Malta) ‘When Love Shows the Way: Reformed (?) Rakes in Rhoda Broughton’s Not Wisely But Too Well (1867), The Devil and the Deep Sea (1910) and A Fool In Her Folly (1920)’

Early Deviant Masculinities (Exchange Seminar Room Blue) – Chair HollyGale Millette

Tara MacDonald (University of Amsterdam) ‘ “At the Same Time Fascinating and Repellent”: Amelia B. Edwards and Sensational Masculinity’

Ruth Heholt (Falmouth University) ‘Sin, Sensation and Selfishness: Catherine Crowe, Masculinity and Pre-Sensation’

Anne-Marie Beller (Loughborough University) ‘Sensationalizing Respectable Masculinity: The Dichotomy of the Publish and Private in Paul Ferroll (1855)’

Nature and Society (Exchange Seminar Room Red) – Chair Annabel Banks

Flore Janssen (Birkbeck, University of London) ‘ “A Face that May be Seen in Every Collection of Englishmen”: The Problem of Agency and the Symbolic Male Protagonists of Out of Work and An Agitator

Helena Ifill (University of Sheffield) ‘Wilkie Collins, Armadale and Degeneration’

Tara Fernandes (Independent Scholar) ‘Emily Bronte and her Masculine Moors’

3.30 – 4.30pm  Coffee and Keynote 2. Exchange Lecture Theatre

William Hughes, Bath Spa University, ‘Low Obscenity and Lascivious Attitudes: Spectacle, Seduction and Male Power in Victorian Hypnotic Séance’

4.30 – 6pm

Strategizing Masculinity (Exchange Seminar Room Yellow) – Chair Joanne Parsons

Royce Mahawatte (Central Saint Martin’s, University of the Arts) ‘ “We Shall Never Be Done Justice to, If We Do Not Live For Effect…” (Bulwer Lytton, Pelham): When the Fashionable Man Becomes Supernatural’

Niyati Sharma (University of Oxford) ‘Professional Men and Insensibility in Collins’ Armadale’

Rachael Taylor (University of Newcastle) ‘Made-Up Masculinity: Cosmetics as Compensation for Deficient Manliness in Wilkie Collins’s The Law and the Lady’ (1875)

Orientalism (Exchange Seminar Room Red) – Chair Helen Thomas

Janelle Kitlinski (University of Texas at San Antonio) ‘Frankenstein: Reconfiguring the Masculinized “Veiled Maiden” in Romantic Poetry’

Juan José Martín González (Unversidad de Málaga) ‘ “I Was Never So Unmanned Before”: (Emasculating) Imperialism and the Late Victorian Crisis of Masculinity in Fin-de-Siècle Fiction’

Shamira Meghani (University of Leeds) ‘Decadence, Orientalism and Queer British Masculinities’

Excessive Masculinities (Exchange Seminar Room Blue) – Chair Janine Hatter

Mike Tresidder (Cornish Language Partnership/ Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek)  ‘Two Contrasting Images of Henry Jenner: The Science of Linguistics Meets a Post-Modern Sensibility Towards Cultural Revival’

Carys Crossen (Manchester Metropolitan University) ‘ “The Were-Wolves and The Wolf-Men and the Men-Wolves”: Lycanthropy and its Relation to Masculinity in Victorian Short Fiction’

Abra Gibson (University of Florida, Gainesville) ‘ “A Quaint Turn of Mind”: Misserimus Dexter’s Sensational Imagination’

6 – 7.30pm Wine Reception (Drinks provided. Exchange Seminar Room Green)

8pm Conference Dinner (Booking needed. Merchant’s Manor Hotel, Falmouth)