Tuesday 8th July 2014

1.00pm      Registration

1.45pm      Opening and Welcome: Kirsty Bunting, Janine Hatter and Helena Ifill

2.00pm      Keynote: Jonathon Shears: ‘“[…] battered […] soiled […] broken […] empty […] half-smoked […] stale”: The Hangover in Victorian Popular Fiction’

3.30pm      Tea

4.00pm – 5.30pm – Parallel Panel 1 and Postgraduate Training Session

Name: Supernatural Treasures

Panel host: Nickianne Moody

Helena Ifill: ‘Rethinking the Trivial and the Valuable: Occult Fiction in the Popular Press’

Ruth Heholt and Rebecca Lloyd: ‘Treasure into Trash: Ghostly Objects and the Horrors of Ghastly Ancestors in the Ghost Stories of Louisa Baldwin’

Anne Chapman: ‘“With Goodwill and Earnest Purpose”: Treasuring Time at Mugby Junction’

Name: Domestic Value

Panel host: Jo Knowles

Kim Clayton-Greene: ‘A Hierarchy in the Home: Displaying Prints in the Nineteenth-Century Domestic Interior’

Sophia (Pei-Ching) Huang: ‘“Where’s the Pearl”: Women’s Place in the Home and Beyond in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South

Kara Tennant: ‘A Question of Value: Virtue, Danger and Victorian Dressmaking’

Postgraduate Training Session

Panel host: Janine Hatter

Kirsty Bunting – Publishing Your First Article

Katie Garner – Grant Writing

Janine Hatter – Social Media and Public Engagement

Barbara Leckie – Alt-Ac

5.30pm                   VPFA Meeting and MEBA Launch

6.30pm                  Drinks Reception

Wednesday 9th July 2014

9.00am – 10.30am – Parallel Panel 2

Name: Inheritance

Panel host: Janine Hatter

Hyunsoo Jang: ‘Morality and Property: Trollope’s Questioning of the Reform of the Inheritance Laws in Eustace Diamonds

Angharad Eyre: ‘“My Mothers Pearls”: Women’s Treasures, Capital and Value in Margaret Oliphant’s Hester

Anna-Louise Russell: ‘Strangers and Pilgrims: Contagious Diseases and the Fatal Marriage’

Name: Dangerous Objects

Panel host: Sara Clayson

Thomas Graf: ‘Weaponized Trash: London’s Refuse as London’s Saviour in Invasion Fiction’

Susan Shelangoskie: ‘Technology’s Treasure and Human Trash: E. W. Hornung’s The Camera Fiend

Christopher Gage: ‘Dirty Jobs: Sherlock Holmes’s Disgust Threshold and Filth Expertise’

Name: Treasure Seeking

Panel host: Helena Ifill

Laura Wood: ‘“Let’s Read All the Books Again. We Shall Get Lots of Ideas Out of Them”: Reading and the Search for Treasure in Edith Nesbit’s The Treasure Seekers

Stacey Kikendall: ‘Visual Threat in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone

Erin Louttit: ‘Treasuring the Soul in Trash Fiction: A. M. Diehl’s Dr. Paull’s Theory (1893)’

10.30am              Tea

11.00am – 12.30pm Parallel Panel 3

Name: Corrupting Clubs

Panel host: Kirsty Bunting

Laurel Brake: ‘W. H. Pater’s Notion of “Choice”’

James Machin: ‘Eric, Count Stenbock: “Scholar, Connoisseur, Drunkard, Poet, Pervert, Most Charming of Men”’

Emma Butcher: ‘Drunken Degeneration: Corrupting Clubs and Masculine Monsters in Bessie Gordon’s Story

Name: Witnessing the Extreme

Panel host: Emily Bowles

Rosalyn Buckland: ‘“The Black Diamond”: Creating Value in the Dickensian Coalmine’

Terry Scarborough: ‘Dirty Dogs and Dumb Dirt: Animal Agency and Human Sentiment in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations

Ellie Byrne: ‘Alcohol, Tobacco, Fleas and Mosquitos: Trashing Hawaii, Colonial Devastation in the Writings of Robert Louis Stevenson’

Name: Creating Treasures

Panel host: Catherine Pope

Sara Clayson: ‘“What Genius Wild/Yet Mighty, was Enclosed Within One Simple Child!”: P. B. Shelley’s Cythna and Dinah Craik’s Olive as Revolutionary Sisters’

Nickianne Moody: ‘Felicia Hemans, Landscape and an Englishwoman’s Garden’

Jane Jordan: ‘Victorian Popular Women Novelists and the Dictionary of National Biography’

12.30pm              Lunch

1.15pm                Reading Pack Discussion [ Download the reading pack]

2.00pm                Guest Talk: Karen Attar: ‘Trash, Treasure or Trashy Treasure at the Institutional Library’

2.45pm – 4.15pm – Parallel Panel 4

Name: Literary Cross-Dressing

Panel host: Erin Louttit

Catherine Addison: ‘Owen Meredith’s Lucile: A Trove of Neglected Treasures’

Tara MacDonald: ‘Sensational Trash, Spasmodic Poetry, and Rhoda Broughton’s Cometh Up as a Flower

Kristan Tetens: ‘“That Deciduous Trash which Our Publishers Call Fiction”: Hall Caine’s The Manxman in the Late-Victorian Literary Marketplace’

Name: Reading for Improvement

Panel host: Helena Ifill

Barbara Leckie: ‘Wasting time: Perseverance, Reading, Procrastination’

Lindy Moore: ‘A Trashy Victorian Popular Fiction Writer Comments in Victorian Literary Rubbish’

Christopher Pittard: ‘Silas K. Hocking and the Poetics of the Prolific’

Name: Dickens and Material Culture

Panel host: Emma Butcher

Emily Bowles: ‘Pornographers, Barristers, Journalists and the Carcass of Literary Celebrity: Charles Dickens’s Early Biographers’

Maureen England: ‘From Ebay to Bonhams: Curiosity Shopping for Dickens’

Mary Addyman: ‘“A Long, Long Rust in the Dark”: Tales of Hoarders and Misers’

4.15pm         Tea

4.45pm – 6.35pm – Parallel Panel 5

Name: Special Author Panel 1: Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Panel host: Anne-Marie Beller

Anna Brecke: ‘From Trash to Treasure: Confessions and Redemption in the Sensation Novel and Reform Literature’

Janine Hatter: ‘Reinterpreting Faust: Reading M. E. Braddon’s Gerard through its Intertextual Links with Goethe and Balzac’

Jo Knowles: ‘Home, and the gardens, and the dear old park: landscape in Braddon’s Early Belgravia Fiction’

Name: Special Author Panel 2: Wilkie Collins

Panel host: Mariaconcetta Costantini

Mia Frazen and Penian Rosenberg: ‘“Here was our quiet English house suddenly invaded by a devilish Indian Diamond”: The True Price of Treasure in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone

Alison Moulds: ‘Filling the “vacant space”: constructing learning disability in Wilkie Collins’s No Name and The Law and the Lady

Kathleen Hudson: ‘“Old, ugly, bad and lost”: Women of Vice and Value in Louisa May Alcott’s Behind the Mask and Wilkie Collins’s Armadale

Name: Special Author Panel 3: Ouida

Panel hosts: Jane Jordan and Andrew King

Barbara Vrachnas: ‘“With Chains of Gold about Her Ankles”: Ouida’s “Worthless’ Female Characters’

Richard Espley: ‘“Lumps of sodden flesh … who do but cumber the earth they pollute”: human and canine value in the works of Ouida’

Katie Garner: ‘Diamonds, Silks, and Other Treasures: The Value of the Arthurian Legend in Victorian Popular Fiction’

7.00pm  Conference Dinner: Antalya. £30pp, includes mixed meze/main course/desserts/tea & coffee/half bottle of wine per person. Please inform organisers at if you would like to attend. Payment on the

Thursday 10th July 2014

9.00am – 10.30am – Parallel Panel 6

Name: Imperial Treasures

Panel host: Nickianne Moody

Melissa Dickson: ‘Excavating the Treasures of the Arabian Nights in Early Nineteenth-Century Egypt and the Middle East’

Eleanor Dobson: ‘Marie Corelli and Egyptiana’

Maria Grazia Messore: ‘Imperialism at Home: The Case of the Porcelain in Jane Eyre

Name: Literary Appropriation

Panel host: Kirsty Bunting

Ann M. Hale: ‘Irene Adler’s Antecedents in W. Stephens Hayward’s Revelations of a Lady Detective

Lucy Brown: ‘Bleak House to Black Sheep: Literacy and the Street Boy’

Sarah Lill: ‘Dickens’s “Dishonest Dullard”: Edward Lloyd’s Plagiarisms, 1836-8’

Name: Marketing Victorian Fiction

Panel host: Janine Hatter

Anna Gasperini: ‘Relished, Trashed, Recovered: The Survival of the Victorian Penny Dreadful’

Jessica Cox: ‘From Trash to Treasure (To Trash?): Victorian Sensation Fiction, Neo-Victorianism, and the Rise of a New Literary Canon’

Chris Louttit: ‘Turning Trash into Treasure: Penguin’s Remarketing of Victorian Popular Fiction’

10.30am                 Tea

11.00am                 Keynote: Judith Flanders: ‘Painting Reality: Home vs Home-ness’

12.30pm                Lunch

1.15pm – 3.00pm – Parallel Panel 7

Name: Unspeakable Bodies

Panel host: Sara Clayson

Louise Creechan: ‘The Unspeakable: Liminal Texts, Liminal Disabilities’

Jennifer Jones: ‘Medical Waste as Memorial’

Claire Furlong: ‘“A Structure so Exquisitely Perfect”: The Anatomist and his Subject in Popular Periodical Press’

Michael Bedo: ‘“Utterly Subversive of Female Delicacy”: Victorian Sensibilities and the Unspeakable Allegations in Countess Russell’s Divorce Suit’

Name: Consuming and Adulteration

Panel host: Andrew King

Annemarie McAllister: ‘Treasures from Trash: Tropes and Narrative Legacies in Temperance Novels’

Silvana Colella: ‘The Marriage of Chicory and Coffee: Adulteration and Adultery in Charlotte Riddel’s The Race for Wealth

Emma Kareno: ‘Cocaine or Crime: Sherlock Holmes’s Drug of Choice’

3.00pm – 3.15pm           Close