Announcing the Winner of the Mary Eliza Root Prize!

It is our great pleasure to announce that Lin Young is the winner of the VPFA’s 2018-2019 Mary Eliza Root Prize.

Lin is a PhD student at Queen’s University, and is studying the relationship between ghosts and objecthood in Victorian fiction.She is particularly interested in texts by Hudson Tuttle, E.W. Allen, William H. Harrison, and other reports of spirit ‘experiments.’ Specifically, Allen’s “Life beyond the grave, described by a spirit, through a writing medium” and Tuttle’s “Scenes in the spirit world, or, life in the spheres” will help her establish the material imagery of the spirit world for use in two dissertation chapters on objecthood in Wuthering Heights, A Christmas Carol, and Picture of Dorian Gray.

Please join us in congratulating Lin, and thanks to everyone who applied!