VPFA 9th Annual Conference

Travel, Translation and Communication

19th-21st July 2017
Institute of English Studies, Senate House, London



VPFA 2017 – CFP

Greta Depledge PGR Prize Winner: Eleanor Shipton


Exhibition: ‘Picturing the Mass Market, from the 1880s, in Britain’

Access the Exhibition Booklet here

An exhibition curated by Professor John Spiers, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, and a Professorial Research Fellow at London Metropolitan University

(ROOM 101)

Wednesday 19th July

10am – 12pm – London Transport Museum (Optional Extra Trip)

Dr Janine Hatter will be outside the London Transport Museum at 10am, to meet anyone who is in London early for the VPFA conference and might fancy a morning trip that relates to the VPFA 9th Annual Conference topics of ‘Travel, Translation and Communication’. Together, we will visit the museum, discuss the nineteenth-century transport heritage on show and maybe stop for refreshments, before heading to register for the conference in the afternoon.

Venue: London Transport Museum is located a 20 minute walk from Senate House at: Covent Garden Piazza, London, WC2E 7BB. Janine will walk the group to the conference afterwards – but by all means find your own way if you would like to stop for lunch on route.

Cost: as this is in addition to the VPFA 9th Annual Conference, there is an entrance price of £17.50 full price; £15 concession (with valid student ID). Please pay on the day.

You can find out more about the London Transport Museum here.

1.00pm            Registration (outside Senate)

1.45pm            Opening and Welcome (Senate): Janine Hatter, Helena Ifill and Jane Jordon   

2.00pm            Keynote (Senate)

                         Mary Hammond: ‘Journeys of the Mind: Reading While Traveling in the                                       Nineteenth Century’

3.15pm           Refreshments (Jessel)

3.45pm – 5.15pm – Parallel Panel 1

Panel: Travel as Education for Late Nineteenth-Century Women Writers (Senate)

Chair: Robin Barrow

Amara Thornton, ‘Harkness at the Museum’

Angharad Eyre, ‘“Tired of England”: Women Travelling to a Better Future in the Work of Harkness and Schreiner’

Flore Janssen, ‘“I thought that I would see what was likely to come of it”: Margaret Harkness’s Political Journeys in the Pall Mall Gazette’

Panel: Stage Travels (Torrington, Room 104)

Chair: Silvia Granata

Laura Monrós-Gaspar, ‘On Heroes, Horses and Mesmerized Sorceress: Performing Epic at Astley’s Amphitheatre’

Beth Palmer, ‘Crossing Boundaries: Wilkie Collins and The New Magdalene

Anna Maria Barry, ‘Opera, Travel and Place in Victorian Fiction’

Panel: Anti-Tourism (Athlone, Room 102)

Chair: Janine Hatter

Alan McNee, ‘Slaying the “lions”: Irreverence in Victorian Travel Narratives’

Heidi Rennert, ‘Cycling as Protest and Pilgrimage in the Pennells’ An Italian Pilgrimage

Richard Bonfiglio, ‘The Burdens of Proximity in Charles Allston Collins’s New Sentimental Journey

5.15pm                 Reading Pack Discussion: ‘Travels of the Mind and Body’ (Senate)

                               Hosted by Chloé Holland and Anne-Louise Russell

                               Download the ‘Reading Group Pack’ here

6.30pm                 Drinks Reception (Jessel)


Thursday 20th July

10.00am – 11.30am – Parallel Panel 2

Panel: Communication (G3)

Chair: Anne-Marie Beller

Eleanor Dumbill, ‘“A Blameless and Open Friend”: Frances Eleanor Trollope’s Communication and Correspondence with Charles Dickens’

Christopher Pittard, ‘“Who was the plagiarist?” Travel, Intellectual Property, and Boundary Crossings in Victorian Conjuror Biography’

Janine Hatter, ‘Communicating Fashion: M. E. Braddon’s Belgravia: A London Magazine

Panel: Tourism (Torrington, Room 104)

Chair: John Spiers

Kate Newey, ‘Around the World on the Victorian Pantomime Stage’

Alina Ghimpu-Hague, ‘Nonsense in Motion: How Victorian Experiences of Travel Shaped the Narratives of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear’

Carolyn W. de la L. Oulton, ‘Reading, Ephemera and the Seaside Library’

Panel: Gender and Adventure (G7)

Chair: Irina Kantarbaeve-Bill

Alisha Walters, ‘A “woman-comrade upon the bleak and barren heights before Sebastopol”: Mary Seacole the and Affective, Feminine Modelling of Wartime British Identity’

Matthew Crofts, ‘Crossing The Bounds of Decorum and Travelling in the First Ages: Transformation and Travel in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Kipling’s “The Mark of the Beast”’

Elly McCausland, ‘”I wouldn’t trust that map”: Unmapping adventurous masculinity in Victorian imperial romance’

11.30am           Refreshments (G4)

12.00am – 1.30pm – Parallel Panel 3

Panel: Brits Abroad (G3)

Chair: Anne-Louise Russell

Yael Maurer, ‘Restless Travellers: Crossing National Boundaries in Dickens’ Little Dorrit

Anna J Brecke, ‘‘Arry Beyond Punch: English Tourism in Braddon, Marryat and Corelli’

Helena Ifill, ‘”I’m not by myself exactly!”: Female tourists in Florence Marryat’s The Blood of the Vampire

Panel: Periodical Circulation (Torrington, Room 104)

Chair: John Spiers

Barbara Korte, ‘Black Forest Tales in the Illustrated London News: A Case of German-British Cultural Translation’

Klaudia Lee, ‘Travelling Forms, Contested Spaces: Reading Space(s) in Literary Periodicals in the Crown Colony’

Elizabeth Howard, ‘Images of Cataclysm and Communication: The Eruption of Krakatoa and the Intrusion of the Periodical into M.P. Shiel’s The Purple Cloud

Panel: Class Mobility (G7)

Chair: Eleanor Dumbill

Terry Scarborough, ‘”And so you are resolved to be my travelling companion this morning; eh?”: Narrative Geography and Sanitary Reform in Oliver Twist

Julia Kuehn, ‘David Copperfield, the Bildungsroman, and the Mobile Forces of Modernity’

Andrew Mangham, ‘A New War of Roses: Yorkshire, Lancashire and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Stories of Famine’

1.30pm            Lunch

2.30pm            Keynote (G3)

                          Anne-Marie Beller: ‘Interrogating Influence: Mary Elizabeth Braddon, French                           Fiction, and Victorian Translation’

3.45pm            Refreshments (G4)

4.15pm – 5.45pm – Parallel Panel 4

Panel: Transatlantic Connections (G3)

Chair: Kara Tennant

Anne Anderson, ‘“China-hunters” at Home and Abroad c. 1870-1920’

Joanne Knowles, ‘Transporting Exoticism: Braddon’s Rare Orchids and Ambitious Estates’

Jane Jordan, ‘The Rise and Rise of the Stage Vivandière: British and American Theatrical Adaptations of Ouida’s Under Two Flags (1867)’

Panel: Women and Mobility (Torrington, Room 104)

Chair: Eadaoin Agnew

Robin Barrow-Nichols, ‘Dressed to Ride: Women’s Cycling in Merrington, Doyle, & Gissing’

Susan Cahill, ‘Travel, Transition, and Girlhood: Journeys of Development in Late Victorian Irish Writing for Girls’

Frances Reading, ‘Translating Russia: Olive Garnett and Petersburg Tales

Panel: Travels of the Mind and Body (G7)

Chair: Julia Kuehn

Niyati Sharma, ‘Spiritual Travel, Cosmopolitanism and Racial Identity in Marie Corelli’s Ziska (1897)’

Matthew Gibson, ‘The Impress of the Visual and Scenic Arts on the Fiction of Bram Stoker’

6.30pm – Dinner: Hot Bowl Buffet (G4)


Friday 21st July

9.30am – 11.00am – Parallel Panel 5

Panel: Print and Communication (Holden, Room 103)

Chair: Janine Hatter

Jian Choe, ‘Reading a Punch Cartoonist’s Parisian Travelogue’

Catherine Delafield, ‘“[h]orrible devices” and “weary iteration”: Margaret Denzil’s History in Cornhill Magazine’

Panel: Colonial Travel (Torrington, Room 104)

Chair: Catherine Wynne

Éadaoin Agnew, ‘Perverted Punishments: Alice Perrin and the Consequences of Colonial Travel’

Irina Kantarbaeva-Bill, ‘Victorian Travellers on the Roof of the World: trespassed borders, transgressed narratives’

Lindy Moore, ‘The Portrayal of Emigrants and Emigration in the Fiction Writing of Isabella Fyvie Mayo’

Panel: Science (G7)

Chair: Helena Ifill

James Green, ‘“The Desire for Complete Extinction”: Evolution and the Individual in Rhoda Broughton’s Not Wisely, but Too Well

Wen-lin Lan, ‘Transmission of Knowledge and Professionalism in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone

Jennifer Jones, ‘The Surgeon Holds the Key: Trephination, Craniectomy, and Communication in L. T. Meade’s Strand Magazine Stories’

11.00am          Refreshments (G4)

11.30am          Keynote (G3)

                          Catherine Wynne (Hull) ‘Lady Butler in Egypt, 1885-86: Public and Private                                 Views’

12.45pm          Lunch

1.45pm – 3.45pm – Parallel Panel 6

Special Theme Panel: The Sea and the Seaside (G3)

Panel Host: Joanne Knowles

Silvia Granata, ‘Mind Travel at the Seaside: Submarine Worlds, the Deep Past and Possible Futures’

Jochen Petzold, ‘Writing to Save Their Souls: R. M. Ballantyne’s Stories of the Sea’

Kara Tennant, ‘Seaside Sights: Fashionable Modes of the Mid-Victorian Coast’

Special Theme Panel: Travel and the Archives (Torrington, Room 104)

Panel Host: Nickianne Moody

Rachel Margaret Egloff, ‘From Travel Fact to Travel Fiction: A Means to European Transcultural Understanding through Literary Cultural Transfer‘

Eleanor Shipton, ‘Anthony Trollope’s Postal Travel and Rural Mobilities’

Oli Betts (National Railway Museum), ‘Railway Spaces: Fiction and Reality’

Special Theme Panel: Transport (G7)

Panel Host: Charlotte Mathieson

Louis James, ‘“All the world is an omnibus!”: From City Transport to Plot in Early Victorian Popular Fiction’

Nicola Kirkby, ‘Trollope’s Junctions: Mechanical Plots in the Palliser Novels’

Eva Chen, ‘Speed, Bicycling and the Modern Body in H. G. Wells’

3.45pm – 4.45pm           VPFA AGM, Greta Depledge Prize-Giving and Close (G3)