Past Conferences

2017 Conference: Travel, Translation and Communication, 19-21 July 2017, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Mary Hammond (University of Southampton)

Keynote Speaker: Anne-Marie Beller (Loughborough University)

Keynote Speaker: Catherine Wynne (University of Hull)

 Exhibition: ‘Picturing the Mass Market, from the 1880s, in Britain’, Curated by John Spiers

Greta Depledge PGR Prize Winner: Eleanor Shipton

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2016 Conference: Victorian Popular Genres, 14-15th July 2016, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Dr Joanne Knowles (Liverpool John Moores University)

Keynote Speaker: Dr Andrew Maunder (University of Hertfordshire)

 Exhibition: ‘Popular Victorian & Edwardian Fiction: From Cheaper, to Cheap, and then to Cheapest’, Curated by John Spiers

Greta Depledge PGR Prize Winner: Alison Moulds

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2015 Conference: Authenticity and Artifice, 13-15th July 2015, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: David Glover, ‘Styles of Popularism in Victorian Popular Fiction in the Long Nineteenth Century’

Keynote Speaker: Linda Dryden, ‘Stevenson and H G Wells: Monomaniacs, Duality and Evolutionary Science’

Guest Speaker: Ann Featherstone, ‘Sagacious Canines and Brave Brutes: Re-discovering the Victorian Dog-Drama’

Greta Depledge PGR Prize Winner: Duncan Milne

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2014 Conference: Treasure and Trash, 8-10th July, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Dr Jonathon Shears (Keele), ‘“[…] battered […] soiled […] broken […] empty […] half-smoked […] stale”: The Hangover in Victorian Popular Fiction’.

Guest Speaker: Judith Flanders, ‘Painting Reality: Home vs. Home-ness’

Senate House Library Special Collections Talk and ‘hands-on’ mini-exhibition: Dr Karen Attar, ‘Trash, Treasure or Trashy Treasure at the Institutional Library’.

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2013 Conference: Bodies and Victorian Popular Culture, 10-11th July 2013, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Hurren, ‘Dying for Victorian Medicine: The business of anatomy, body-trafficking, and the experience of being poor in popular culture’

Keynote Speaker: Pamela K. Gilbert, ‘Sentimental Bodies: Victorians and the reading experience’

Guest Speaker: Rose Collins ‘Graves Matters’

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2012 Conference: Hard Cash: Money, Property, Economics and the Marketplace in Victorian Popular Culture, 11-12th July 2012, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Regenia Gagnier ‘The Global Circulation of Victorian Popular Fiction’

Keynote Speaker: Deborah Wynne, ‘Hades! The Ladies! Male Drapers and Female Shoppers’

Guest Speaker: David Waller ‘The Perfect Man: The Muscular Life and Times of Eugen Sandow, Victorian Strongman’

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2011 Conference: Sex, Courtship and Marriage in Victorian Popular Culture, 18-19th July 2011, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Phegley

Roundtable Discussion: Pamela Gilbert ‘The Other Victorians: Sexuality and Victorian Popular Fiction’ and Janice Allen, ‘A Queer Marriage: The Relationship between Realism and Sensationalism’

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2010 Conference: Victorian Popular Culture: Prose, Stage and Screen, 22nd-24th July 2010, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Kate Newey

Keynote Speaker: Nickianne Moody

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2009 Conference: Victorian Popular Novelists 1860-1900, 10th-12th September 2009, Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker: Pamela Gilbert

Keynote Speaker: Juliet John

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